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  • Chris Adrian: The Children's Hospital

    Chris Adrian: The Children's Hospital

  • Michael Cunningham: A Home at the End of the World

    Michael Cunningham: A Home at the End of the World
    Loved this. Simply a beautiful story, authentic characters, those people you miss when a book is done. (*****)

  • Kazuo Ishiguro: Never Let Me Go (Vintage International)

    Kazuo Ishiguro: Never Let Me Go (Vintage International)
    I couldn't put this down, but I was more absorbed in the plot than the writing, if that makes sense. It felt detatched, and I know it was supposed to, but I felt like I stopped short of feeling as much for it as I'd like to. Still, it was engrossing and a beautiful story. (****)

  • Michael Cunningham: Specimen Days

    Michael Cunningham: Specimen Days
    Wow wow wow. I've had this one on my shelf for a while, because while I enjoyed The Hours I didn't *love* it madly, and because it was one of those books with a discription that, while intriguing, was hard to match with a reading mood. As described by The Guardian as "By far the best gothic historical sci-fi cop thriller you'll ever read," it just didn't fit neatly into one of my "I'm in the mood for ____" categories. But I finally picked it up. And devoured it. And am still digesting it. Amazing, amazing, amazing. (*****)

  • Jonathan Safran Foer: Everything Is Illuminated: A Novel

    Jonathan Safran Foer: Everything Is Illuminated: A Novel

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kristin hohenadel

congrats! It looks beautiful


Very cool! Congrats!! Have a great day!


WOW! It's gorgeous. Big big big congrats!!!!!

Christine Traversa

sooo cool, Angi! congrats! ct

Janet Ohlson

That's one of the better covers I have seen lately - way to go!

AnnaMarie (Ilovemy2grls)

Eeeeeeeks!! How AWESOME is that? ;) You are soooo deserving Angi - I'm just thrilled for you!! HUGE congrats! :) And kewl LO! ;)


that is gorgeous angi!


I'm so glad you scanned it here - it's stunning!!! Congrats!


It's really beautiful, Angi!! : )


oh, and I see you also couldn't wait more than a minute for the new Ben Kweller ; )

Rebecca Cooper

that page is gorgeous Angi!


very cool ,dude!


Wow!!!! And huge congrats!

Kelley Popp

Awesome that is for sure! I am so glad to know you and be inspired by you. Plus, I have some of the most rocking photos of my kid thanks to you! I love your cover debut!


I just cant wait to see this in my mailbox!!!

Emily Dennis

Congrats on the cover Angie! I just got mine in the mail today and was curious who did it because I totally loved it! :)


I got my copy today and said 'wow, this is a great cover'. SO glad to know it's yours! congrats!

susan opel

I think that this is one of the best covers in a while! Love it!


Huge congrats Angi!
This cover is super cool and I can't wait to receive it!

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